IDEA2.0 has a proven track record in generating significant capital savings for manufacturing facility investments in the Pharma-Bio space. We use the process of constructive challenge to offer an agnostic second opinion that can save you time and money on a single project, or a portfolio of projects. 

Our goal is to guide the industry back to a state where conversation and challenge at the earliest stages of a project are recognized as worthwhile endeavors.

The IDEA2.0 Premise

In the capital projects community within the pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing industry, we’ve been instilled with a unified and rigorous direction with respect to project execution. The emphasis is speed. And rightfully so. These projects may be among the most complex and costly within the larger umbrella of facility construction and given the costs and revenue at risk, the focus on speed to market is undeniable. 

The problem is, at the outset of design, at is very earliest activities in Concept Design, this linear approach is costing both capital and operating budgets many millions of dollars, because the very nature of early design should be iterative, not linear and robs the designers the very fuel needed for excellent design. 

The result is waste. Significant capital opportunity lost. Increased operating costs for the life of the manufacturing facility. And finally, increased cost of goods.

The IDEA 2.0 Advantage

The IDEA2.0 Advantage is our belief that the value will speak for itself, and we base our compensation accordingly. Our compensation will come out of the savings we find. We have seen that the value we bring is a small fraction of the savings, in time and capital spend, that are possible.

Our 100+ cumulative years of biopharmaceutical experience will sit with you and your team, to constructively challenge your capital project plans and save your organization significant money. 

Welcome to IDEA2.0

IDEA2.0 has developed a rigorous and detailed design review service for new and retrofit capital projects in the biopharmaceutical and other FDA regulated industries.